We deploy MS 365 Enterprise/Faculty

Moving forward to net zero

Microsoft 365 Enterprise/Faculty— Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, To Do, Planner, including Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive — is designed to be a universal toolkit to give our LDCI™ Team, our collaborators, Contractors... integrated and flexible ways to execute our projects and tasks. It is designed to work from anywhere there is good Internet speed. Reducing carbon footprint.

For our Team:
1. Use Microsoft Edge for business on all devices and open inPrivate (Ctrl+Shift+n) to avoid any conflict.
2. Log in with information provided by the HO.
3. Open any software online, apps: ldcigroup.com/apps
4. On PC/Mac: start to collaborate from anywhere.
5. For Smartphone, download, install, and group together these apps with same logo by searching Microsoft + these names and click on the one with same logo.

Our partners, collaborators, and sponsors

LDCI™ Worldwide, our partners, collaborators, and sponsors policies are to collaborate through partnership and strategic alliances, to create international telecoms networks, to acquire successful business opportunity, to expand and diversify our industries, to adapt in the change in the global business environment, and to implement the 6 WEF challenges accepting solutions and the UNSDGs.

If your organisation share the same policies as ours, please apply to become our partner, our collaborator, or our sponsor, please come back to this page later to see the application form.

LDCI™ Worldwide Team

LDCI™ Worldwide Teams below prioritize communication with our partners, collaborators, contractors, and sponsors. Join us.

Dr Rashed

Chairman of the Boards of Directors
Senior Board of Director: mail, team
Board of Director: mail, team
Email: ldci@ldcigroup.com
Language: Arabic, English, Malay

Souvanxay Lakmaitree (kobe)

President / CEO
Senior Board of Director: mail, team
Board of Director: mail, team
Email: sou@ldcigroup.com
Language: English, Lao, Thai

Dr Shad Serroune

Vice President CFO/CTO
Senior Board of Director: mail, team
Board of Director: mail, team
Email: shad@ldcigroup.com
Language: Arabic, English, French, Malay

Viktar Shaban

Managing Director
Senior Board of Director: mail, team
Board of Director: mail, team
Email: viktar@ldcigroup.com
Language: Russian, English 

Khamlian Pholsena

LDCI Advisor: mail, team
Senior Board of Director: mail, team
Board of Directormail, team
Email: kham@sbd.ldcigroup.com
Language: Lao, Viet, Thai

Kinava Xayabouth

Construction: mail, team
Board of Director:  mail, team
Email: ky@bd.ldcigroup.com
Language: Lao, English, Thai

Somsak Sengvichith

Import-Export: mail, team
Board of Director: mail, team
Email: sak@bd.ldcigroup.com
Language: Lao, Thai

Phouthone Siharath (Thone)

Waterweb, trademark, mail, team
Farm: web, mail, team
Board of Director: mail, team
Email: ps@ldcigroup.com
Language: English, French, Lao, Thai.

Bouchanh Panyalath

LDCI Worldwide HO Administration: mail, team
LDCI Laos HO: mail, team
Email: chanh@ldcigroup.com
Language: Lao, Thai, English.

Nalongsack Vorasarn

Smart Healthcare: mail, team
Email: sack@la.LDCIgroup.com
Language: Lao, Viet, Thai.

Bounping Inthasak

Secretarymail, team
LDCI HO: mail, team
Email: ping@LDCIgroup.com
Language: Lao, Thai, English.

Phetsamay Lackmaitry

Accounting & Finance: mail, team
Email: phet@laos.LDCIgroup.com
Language: Lao, Thai, English.

Sonekham Phetsanoubane

Energy: mail, team
Email: sonekham@laos.LDCIgroup.com
Language: Lao, Thai, English, 

Touy Vongmisouk

Administration: mail, team
Email: touy@laos.LDCIgroup.com
Language: Lao,  Thai.

Songka Philavong

Administration: mail, team
Email: songka@laos.LDCIgroup.com
Language: Lao, Thai.

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For collaboration

Collaboration through partnerships and strategic alliances presents exciting opportunities for you and us by focusing on continuous growth and added value, essential to the business and country's survival... for a brighter future and better planet.

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